Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Last PT

Oops! I forgot to publish this ;) Written on  4/24/2012

I remember how anxious I was in the beginning about Wyatt's first physical therapy session. I only had my husband's experiences to go off of. I was fully expecting it to be 45 minutes of misery every week. It turns out that Wednesday became my favorite day of the week. Just Wyatt and I went to his appointments, Darren stayed home with Bella because it interfered with her naptime. We would arrive at the office and Wyatt would flirt with the receptionists while we waited. I then got to play with him on the floor with some pretty awesome toys while he got stretched. Wyatt hardly put up a fuss. He mostly jabbered to Holly probably telling her all about his week. After his session we would make the short trip to Walmart to get some groceries and visit with the ladies in my office. Wyatt hated going in the carseat for the ride home right after PT so this was a nice distracted. After Walmart, Wyatt would be asleep in his seat before we left the parking lot. I would then hit up some thrift stores on my way home (guilty pleasure) with a sleeping Wyatt in tow. This has been my routine for the past three months and I am sad to see is change as we move on to the next stage of treatment. Tomorrow is Wyatt's last PT appointment. He will be getting his first set of casts on too. It is time to move on to new adventures. I am still going to have to find time for my shopping buddy and I to go look at thrift stores ;)

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