Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally a plan!

Wyatt's PT Wednesday morning was pretty uneventful. Since Wyatt had two appointments that day we sent Isabella to daycare so we could focus better. This was Darren's first time going with us to PT. He was amazed how well behaved Wyatt was the whole time and how far Holly was able to stretch his feet. Holly said she wanted us to call her right after our appointment with Dr. S to let her know what his verdict was on Wyatt's feet. I promised her I would and off we went to meet with Dr. Showalter.

Wyatt loves the fish!
Wyatt once again was in love with the fish at their office. He couldn't quite understand why he couldn't grab them! He was squealing with delight at them and I am sure everyone in the hospital could hear him. Nothing wrong with his lungs! We went straight back to x-rays and I went in first with Dr. S. He wanted to make sure we got a really good shot of Wyatt's feet in plantar flexon (sp?). Wyatt was not too pleased about his feet being stretched yet again and made sure that the doctor knew it. After Dr. S left, Darren came back in to help with the remaining shots. Wyatt was as good as gold for those. Then we were sent back to our room to wait.

Dr. S returned pretty quickly with Wyatt's x-rays. He showed us that while Wyatt's right talus is still slightly oblique, it does go to a normal position when his foot is stretched. Such good news! Wyatt's left foot is definitely a complete vertical talus and showed little improvement sine his last x-rays. Dr. S said that it will not improve with time like his right foot. So our plan is to now move on to serial castings on both feet. Dr. S will be out of the country this month so we will continue with PT until Wyatt gets his first casts April 25th. We will be putting on a new cast every week for I don't know how long. Dr. S wants Wyatt's left foot to be in a good position to do surgery. I asked him about needing a bar for after surgery, but he said probably not but that braces might be a good possibility. He also mentioned that Wyatt might need multiple surgeries over his life to keep his foot it position. I could have gone without that piece of information, but good to know.

Wyatt and Daddy waiting for Dr. S
So there we have it. I have one more month to squeeze, kiss, and love on Wyatt's chunky thighs before they get encased in plaster. Then we have surgery, more casting, and possibly braces. We can do this...we can do this. Wyatt was a perfect gentleman the entire visit one again. He has this ability to make anyone who comes in contact with him instantly fall in love. The x-ray techs and receptionists were fighting over who got his attention and saying what a little angel he was. The lady we checked out with said she looks forward to seeing his bright smile every week. I am nervous about the while casting process. I worry that Wyatt will be really scared and I won't be able to calm him down. My boy is such a sweet angel and so happy. I would hate for this experience to forever change him.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

6 months old!

I can't believe my baby boy is already half a year old! He is still a big boy weighing in at 19 pounds and 27.5 inches long. Poor boy had a rough day of doctors appointments. His 6 month checkup was at 11am and then we hat his PT at 1pm in the next town over. We didn't get a break. I left his first appointment and drove straight to his second. So, needless to say, Wyatt wasn't on his best behavior at PT. Holly broke out her secret weapon... the swing. It was a rectangular platform she hangs from the ceiling that both her and Wyatt sit on and swing while she does his manipulations. It was an instant hit! He loved to push his toys off and hear them fall. Holly said that she will actually have kiddos fall asleep on the swing while she is stretching them. I can understand why. The creaking noise it made as it swung back and forth was so calming that I was struggling to keep my eyes open. It ended up being another great session. She is always impressed how well Wyatt's feet are responding to the stretches and mentioned again how we might actually avoid surgery. Dare I get my hopes up?

With only one PT session left I am getting nervous again. Wednesday Wyatt has PT in the morning and we will be meeting again with Dr. Showalter in the afternoon. I wonder what our next step will be? I will be better prepared this time with a list of questions!

Friday, March 2, 2012


I am having an emotional day today. We only have one week left until we go back and visit the specialist and I know he is going to say it is casting time. Wyatt is dying to be mobile. You can just see it is his face as he watches his big sister run around. His favorite thing to do right now is jump. How is he supposed to do that with casts!? He has just started to try and get up on all fours to crawl. How is he going to react when he can no longer do that? I just want to cry some days.