Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AFO Fitting

I just realized I totally forgot to post about Wyatt's AFO fitting!

Wyatt met with a specialist the other day to get the molds made for his AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotics). Wyatt was all smiles until Paul (the specialist) touched his feet. Wyatt doesn't like strangers toughing his feet and I can't say I don't blame him. Instantly the glaring eyes were whipped out! The molds were relatively easy to make and very similar to the casting process. Wyatt was very mad about the whole thing and I think he was worried that he was getting casts put on again. Once the molds were cut off he was happy again (although still glaring at Paul). We were told that it usually takes at least 2 weeks to get the AFO's. Not what this anxious mommy was wanting to hear! Wyatt is dying to stand and I am dying to let him. Now time to research socks and shoes for his AFO's. I want to be all ready when they are ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No More Casts!

Hey! I remember these things!
Wyatt's last set of casts came off today! We are all so excited and hopeful. His doctor is pleased with how his feet are looking right now. He said that there is no way of knowing if we are in the clear of not having to do any more surgeries and that only time will tell. Dr. S commented on how much the treatment plan has changes and that just 10 years ago Wyatt would have had major surgery right away to completely reconstruct his feet and that they would always be stiff and sore. It made me all the more thankful for recent medical advances.

I need to call and make an appointment tomorrow for him to get fit for custom AFOs. I have no idea how long it will take to get them, but hopefully not too long because Dr. S doesn't want Wyatt standing until he has them on. He wants Wyatt to wear them all the time except bath time, bedtime, and the occasional airing out ;) Wyatt will just be excited to finally start walking! He was having so much fun tonight rolling around and moving his legs into all these new positions. It made us so happy to see him so happy!

Wyatt and Daddy coming home without casts!
Goodbye casts and on to the next adventure of AFOs!

Fourth of July fun

A little late...I hope everyone else had a great holiday.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cast Change and Pin Removal

This was not a fun appointment :( I think this was the first time that I have been upset with the treatment we have received by Dr. S and his staff.

The day before Wyatt's scheduled cast change I noticed something metal starting to stick out of his right cast. His pin had started to work loose! It was a lot of work trying to keep Wyatt from playing with it, but thankfully he had his appointment the next day.

We arrived right on time like always and they were running 30 minutes behind like always. Once we got in there we showed Dr. S what we thought was Wyatt's pin coming out. We were right. He was hoping they would have stayed in for another 2 weeks, but no luck. He left the room and his assistant started removing Wyatt's casts. Wyatt hates this and was screaming as is his normal routine. This was the first time we have seen his feet since his surgeries. The incisions were a lot larger than we had expected and ran almost 2/3 the length of his feet. The pins sticking out were a big shock too. Darren and I were each holding a leg and trying to keep him laying down and calm. The whole time Wyatt kept screaming. And we sat there alone like that for 5 minutes. To me, that was inexcusable to leave two nervous parents alone with a thrashing baby with pins sticking out of his feet. I was seething when Dr. S finally returned, but I am so passive I didn't say anything. I was just relieved to finally be getting somewhere. He quickly removed the pins. I don't think Wyatt even noticed him removing the one that had already come loose, but the second one bothered him. He was quickly recast and all the while he was still screaming. All in all he laid there crying for half an hour. When I was finally able to pick him up he was soaked in sweat, but the crying had stopped.

These casts will be on for 2 weeks. We asked if these were going to be has last set of casts and he said he honestly didn't know. He wants Wyatt walking on his feet, but is worried that if we stop the casts too soon Wyatt will relapse. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but Dr. S said that he is 90% sure this set will be his last. Fingers crossed!