Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Casts 1 & 2

I had this all written out and it didn't save :( So here we go again!

April 25th, 2012
Daddy and Wyatt plating while waiting for Dr. S.
Wyatt got a very long bath this morning and we sat in there until the water got cold. Wyatt loves taking baths and is going to miss them these next 4-6 weeks. He loves to be laid on his back and kick like he s trying to swim. I can tell he is going to be a water baby like Mommy. We then headed to his last PT session. I am pretty sure Wyatt could tell we weren't going to be doing our normal routine today. He was very antsy and didn't want to cooperate. Totally not like him! They finally broke out the swing and got a good 15 minutes of stretching in on his feet. We decided that was good enough, we were just wanting them to get flexible enough so Dr. S would have an easier time casting them.

Wyatt's first cast.
We were the last appointment of the day for Dr. S. He likes to do the casting last so he doesn't feel rushed (which I definitely appreciate!) Dr. S was pleased with the progress we made with Wyatt's feet with PT and said we will have to cast his left foot for 4 weeks, but only 2 weeks on his right. That meant for the first two week Wyatt only had to deal with one cast. Yay! Wyatt didn't like the whole casting process and even with us both trying to distract and comfort him, he cried the whole time. A quick snuggle with Mommy after he was done calmed him down. Wyatt is now sporting a blue cast on his left leg.

It definitely hasn't slowed him down. It took him only about 30 seconds to figure out how to crawl with the casts and he even still pulls to stand just by putting all his weight on his right leg. This boy amazes me!

May 2nd, 2012
One week down! Wyatt seems to be adjusting just fine except when it comes to sleeping. He has no desire to sleep in his crib anymore. He just can't find a comfy position. So we have been sleeping in the rocking chair again. It is not to big of a deal and I enjoy the cuddles.
Second cast!

Wyatt does not like getting the casts removed! The sound and vibration from the saw freaks him out. Poor baby practically jumped into my arms once the nurse was finished removing his cast. Boy was that leg stinky! We had just enough time to quickly wash it off before Dr. S. arrived. Poor Wyatt didn't know what to do with it out of the cast and his foot just hung there limply. But it sure looked a lot better!

The new cast (neon green) went on the same as the first. Lots of crying and lots of cuddles when it was over. I already can't wait to be done with this and I am sure Wyatt feels the same.

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