Monday, February 13, 2012

What a week!

My goodness I sure have been busy this week! Between Wyatt's appointments and Bella's 2nd birthday I feel stretched too thin. Wyatt had his first PT session last Wednesday. I was so nervous for him! I have to say that the whole process went way better than I could have imagined and for the first time I felt really optimistic that the stretching will actually work :) I am in love with Wyatt's physical therapist, Holly. She was so sweet listening and discussing all my concerns. She played a lot with Wyatt and really made him feel comfortable. He is such a little flirt and spent the whole time smiling and cooing at her. She went into a lot of detail explaining what stretches we were doing and why. Wyatt didn't mind them one bit. No cries, but a couple serious faces on some of the harder stretches. He is my tough little guy! She told me we were to do the stretching as often as we can and to hold them for as long aw he will tolerate, but for at least 30 seconds each. The best bet was to do them after each diaper change that way we fall into a routine. We first stretch his feet downward, then inward, and then downward and inward at the same time. We also play games with Wyatt by clapping the soles of his feet together. He loves that one! Her office is only going to be able to get me in once a week instead of the 2 times recommended by Dr. S, but Holly said not to worry. As long as we are doing the stretches consistently at home he will be fine being monitored only once a week. She has definitely made this whole process a lot easier on us!

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