Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Wyatt is sucking his toes! This is such a big deal for us because it means his feet are flexing enough to make it into his mouth. That makes me a very happy Mommy! Wyatt is now 4 weeks into his 6 week physical therapy session. He is making loads of improvement. He can now straighten both feet to a 90 degree angle and we can stretch them way beyond that. His very underdeveloped calf muscles are getting stronger too. His therapist, Holly, is impressed with his strength and how far he has come. She told be today that she still expects us to move on the the serial casting, but there is a slim chance that we might evade surgery. I am holding on to that little chance as hard as I can!

I think Wyatt loves Holly :) He loves showing off for her. Two weeks ago he sat up for the first time during his session and at today's he almost got up on all fours! I am so proud of my little man.

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