Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cast Free

Right after the casts came off!
Well as of two weeks ago ;) But I have two very demanding kiddos that don't leave me much time for the computer. We were so excited for our appointment because today was the day the casts were coming off. We would be doing x-rays and setting a surgery date. The office was running really late that day and we didn't see Dr. S until 45 minutes after our appointment time. I didn't let that dampen my spirits because today was going to be wonderful! He sits down and says we are going to take these off and cast for another 1-2 weeks. What? Come again!? No, no, said we would be doing x-rays today. I was panicking. Not only have the casts been hard on Wyatt, but hard on me to because he would only sleep 1-2 hour at a time at night and most of the time I was rocking him in the recliner. We both have had it and are very exhausted. I pushed him to do the x-rays today. They came back amazing! Way better than the doctor could have hoped. He said after seeing these that Wyatt is okay to proceed on with the surgery. I asked him if Wyatt would benefit from more casting because if it is best for him I would do it, but he said no. I gave myself a little psychological pat on the back for good mommy intuition. We went home with a bare-legged baby :)

Wyatt's feet and legs were so sensitive that he hated us toughing him. His skin was cracked at all the creases and there were lines etched from the socks they put under the casts (2 weeks later and they are still there). Soon he got comfortable with touch again and couldn't be a happier baby boy. He started sleeping (me too!) better and took off crawling. He wanted nothing to do with his feet still. Just trying to tickle them would make him cringe. Too many bad memories associated with his feet already :(

Look at those cute bare baby legs.

A couple days before his scheduled surgery he finally got brake enough to try and stand again. He was so happy he did! He even started trying to cruise along the furniture. It was nice to see my smiley baby back.

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  1. Yay for Mommy intuition!! Keep listening to that voice, it will serve Wyatt well in the years to come.

    I remember those tender legs all too well...