Sunday, December 16, 2012

Playing Catch Up (again)

So I think we have established that I am a poor blogger! Here is a rundown of what has happened the last three months :)

Wyatt got his AFOs in the beginning of September. They fit so perfectly from the start and I have been very thankful for this. I read a lot of horror stories about the orthotics not fitting properly and causing sores, bruises, and blisters. We have been lucky enough to steer clear of all those problems. His AFOs are super cute. They are blue and have cars, planes, and traffic signs on them. Very boyish ;)
New AFOs!

Three months later, Wyatt is doing wonderful with his braces! It took him a few days of practice, but he quickly mastered walking with them on and realized he can walk to much better when he is wearing them. He is so patient every morning when we put them on. I am sure he understands that they are a good thing. Wyatt's feet are looking so much better as well! His right foot looks like a normal foot (yay!) and while his left foot (the worse one) still angles out and up a little, it has made a huge improvement as well.

Right now out plan is to keep Wyatt in this pair of AFOs until he outgrows them and hopefully by then his feet will be fully corrected. He goes in for a checkup in February (6 months of wearing the AFOs) with both his orthotist and orthopedic surgeon to see how his feet are improving. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. His left foot has me so worried because I know it isn't responding as well as his right. Wyatt hasn't been held back by any of this though. He is 15 months old and he walks, runs, spins in circles, and can climb like a monkey. He is truly amazing!

Bare legs! Not a sight I see too often anymore.
Wyatt showing off his braces in his 1st Birthday pics.

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