Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

Wyatt found an egg!
Wyatt and Bella going for a ride.

Yah....I know, it is a little late. Better that than never, right!? Wyatt is sick again with a cough and ear infections. That boy is sick more than he is healthy :( We still had a fun Easter. Wyatt enjoyed watching his big sister hunt for eggs and he even grabbed a few for himself. Of course he didn't care about the treats inside, he just wanted to suck on the plastic egg! Bella better get ready for some competition next year!

On the CVT front, I get more and more nervous the closer we get to the 25th. I am sure everything will go just fine and Wyatt will get used to having casts, but I am a Mom so I will worry. We have been looking in to having his surgery done at the Shriner's hospital in Salt Lake City. I would rather have it done here, I am just not sure we can afford it. Luckily friends have put us in contact with someone who can assist us with the application process. I will have to talk more about it with Dr. S at our next appointment.

Sorry this is so short and sweet. We have a big day tomorrow with doctor's appointments. Wyatt has a follow up with his pediatrician in the morning for his ears and we have physical therapy in the
Enjoying his 1st Easter!
afternoon. Goodnight all!

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